The PinForce system is well known in the civic compliance industry for its innovation of parking technology. But this intricately designed software offers much more than just parking revolutions when it comes to enforcing local laws.

DCA’s PinForce City Wide system brings the flexibility and efficiency of the renowned PinForce software into the health, food safety, building and other key local law industries.

One of the main benefits of DCA’s City Wide solution arose from the overwhelming need for municipalities to be able to carry out Audits, Inspections and Investigations on a range of functions in the field (including Customer Requests, Asset Management, Complaints, Health and Food Safety, Planning and Building and Permits) using a tablet based inspection and management system.

DCA’s City Wide solution equips council officers with the tools to complete all their enforcement activities while out on location. For example, officers are able to electronically record inspection results and generate notices-to-comply in real time. This eliminates the need for officers to return to the office to issue the notices which results in a much faster response time and reduces double-handling of data entry. Inspections, Infringements, Audits and more can be electronically signed while documentation can be emailed or printed using a portable A4 Android printer. A reduction in time, staff resources and the double handling of data entry are other key benefits of this solution.

PinForce City Wide is also very customisable. DCA understands that not all organisations carry out their local laws activities the same way. It is for this reason that DCA invests in providing a software package that mirrors council’s ideal method for capturing data, recording results of inspections and managing the follow up process and reminders of these activities.

Each PinForce City Wide module is delivered with its own unique set of surveys – being a collection of forms for gathering data that is related to a given survey.

Surveys are created in PinForce City Wide using these forms and then sent to PinForce Manager for reporting purposes using the synchronisation process.

DCA is also able to develop alternative modules to support non-standard field activities.

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