DCA’s mobile parking application PayStay has celebrated its first birthday in style, with Bunbury, Western Australia going live on the 3rd of August – making PayStay now available across 4 Australian states.

Bunbury has become the latest member of PayStay community, joining other clients across Victoria, Queensland and NSW as users of the “Parking meter in your hand” solution. Also marking the occasion is the latest version of the application, which has been released with much anticipation from users.

“Since going live some twelve months ago, we have been listening in to our consumers to see how we can make the app as user friendly as possible,” said Shane Treacy, DCA’s Business Unit Manager for PayStay.

“Amongst some of the upgrades, we have included a live account balance on the application whilst also giving users the option of adding vehicles to multiple accounts.”

These changes have been well received by users of the application, who have also enjoyed the freedom in choosing when to stop their parking rather than paying for time they may not need

Since being released in 2014, PayStay has been growing by a phenomenal average rate of 40% per quarter. One of the many reasons for the rapid rise for PayStay is its full integration with DCA’s other parking management software, namely the PinForce product suite.

PinForce Mobile, PinForce LPR and PinForce Sentinel all integrate seamlessly with PayStay, giving parking authorities a clean, uniform parking management tool that offers more control with far less hassle.

August 2015

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