Cloud, Hosting, Managed Services made easy with DCA

DCA now offers a range of private cloud, managed services and hosting solutions to simplify your operation in our Melbourne and Sydney-based secure data centres.

This ‘one-stop-shop’ service means that the application designers, programmers, installation, administration and support staff of your mission-critical systems are all under one highly capable roof.

DCA’s system virtually removes the ‘middleman’ and associated service delays from having multiple parties in between your system and the users. DCA streamlines communications by housing the systems within the same organisation that built them.

“Data management solutions are our bread and butter” said Local Government Liaison Officer Dora Mindakis.

“It was the foundation of our company and has supported DCA’s growth in providing Managed Services to where we are today, giving our clients much cleaner and simpler operations. Businesses who migrated their data centres into our system have reported a significant reduction in support issues all round.”

The benefits of shifting a server to a DCA hosted offering are vast, including allowing more time for the clients’ IT staff to focus on their core systems. The hosting service also results in faster response times to technical issues, timely PinForce upgrades, whilst also achieving prompt and efficient resolutions through DCA’s highly skilled support team.

DCA’s specialty lies in data management solutions, working with companies with data at their core. DCA provides cost-effective remote hosting services.

The organisation and technical infrastructure of DCA meets clients’ needs for reliability, speed, security and scalability. The DCA data centres are compliant with the AS/NZS 17799 Code of Practice for Information Security Management.

The DCA data centre comprises world class infrastructure, including:

  • wide-area networking
  • firewalls and web servers
  • database and transactional servers
  • backup devices
  • internal networking
  • physical security
  • other security procedures

December 2015

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