DCA releases PinForce Sentinel

PinForce Sentinel allows Management and Planners to measure and manage precious parking resources by providing the ability to:

  • Automatically alert Officers of infringing vehicles
  • Issue Parking Infringements & Warnings
  • Measure & manage Parking Utilisation, Turnover, Occupancy, Possible vs Actual PINS
  • Achieve tangible productivity gains
  • Provide real data for Parking Policy Development
  • Address OH&S issues

DCA have seven sites using or trialling our sensors in Australasia, New Zealand and USA, including two capital cities. Furthermore, following a thorough public tender, DCA has won a contract to supply 500 sensors to an Australian Local Government Authority.

These recent announcements, along with DCA’s other new product’sPinForce City Wide and PinForce LPR reinforce DCA’s position as the industry leader in supplying innovative, cost efficient technology to the parking industry. It also demonstrates client satisfaction with DCA’s strong customer support programme and DCA’s continual delivery of new innovation into the industry.

February 2009

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