DCA will once again attend the annual Parking Australia Convention & Exhibition (PACE), the largest gathering for the parking industry, taking place on November 8-10.

At the conference industry leaders and innovators gather to share insights about the ongoing development and continued rise of the parking landscape. With digital technology now the norm amongst parking organisations, this year will focus heavily on its continued use and how smart technology creates smarter operation.

DCA are the industry leaders in the civic compliance landscape and have been at the forefront of innovation in parking technology since releasing the mobile enforcement solution, PinForce.

This year is no exception as DCA look to roll out its latest innovations to what will be a significant gathering for the industry, with Parking Australia celebrating its 30th year of operation.
“We are absolutely looking forward to PACE 2016,” said DCA’s Director of Civic Compliance, Sandy Del Papa.
“The event gives industry operators a chance to see what innovations we have been creating here at DCA to make their industry more tech savvy, and creating smarter operations. Our company continuously re-invest into research and development to ensure that we remain front and centre in this competitive landscape.”
Whilst DCA are renowned for introducing PinForce enforcement to handheld devices in 2001, the company has continued to push the envelope in parking technologies over the years, including being the first to introduce enforcement software to the Android platform.

Other DCA developments include introducing the only parking sensor technology to have been repeatedly tried and tested in court to obtain a 100% success rate, in favour of the technology. DCA have also created a full suite of integrated civic compliance technology to include:

  • PinForce Mobile – comprehensive and fully featured handheld infringement issuing solution.
  • PinForce Sentinel – sensors fully integrated with handheld infringement issuing system.
  • PayStay – leading phone payment solution fully integrated with handheld infringement issuing system.
  • PinForce ePermits – parking permit system fully integrated with handheld infringement issuing system.
  • PinForce LPR – fully integrated mobile licence plate recognition system.
  • PinForce CityWide – compliance notices or inspections issuing solution.
  • PinForce Images Online – view images and details relating to user’s infringement on council website.
  • PinForce SaaS services – professional hosting/cloud services.

So, will you be attending PACE 2016? Or are you interested in what improvements DCA can make to your civic compliance operation? Contact our team today to book in a session.

November 2016

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