DCA to provide pay-by-phone parking services across 12,000 bays in the City of Melbourne

The City of Melbourne recently awarded DCA a significant tender to roll out pay-by-phone parking across more than 12,000 bays throughout the city. The technology will allow motorists to pay by smartphone app or phone, although coins will still be accepted.

Fully integrated with the company’s industry-leading PinForce suite, DCA’s PayStay pay-by-phone service allows a wide range of payment options for users of both standard mobiles and smartphones. These options include text-based SMS, Android App, iOS App, a customer support centre and an IVR (interactive voice response) telephony system.

DCA’s PayStay pay-by-phone service eliminates the need for coins, making payment easier and more convenient. It also lets city councils provide more payment options, in keeping with the widespread use of mobiles and smartphones in the community.

Pay-by-phone parking technology is expected to be widely accepted by the public, overtaking parking meters as the preferred method of payment within the City of Melbourne by 2018.

March 2014

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