DCA’s technology supports the world’s most liveable city

DCA’s longstanding relationship with the City of Melbourne is set to continue. Following a rigorous international tender process, the City of Melbourne has opted to award its Smart City parking technology contract to DCA.

The contract, for the supply and maintenance of a suite of Smart City Technologies, includes 100 infringement issuing devices that are fully integrated with 5,300 infringement grade sensors. This innovative solution integrates seamlessly with a comprehensive reporting system, as well as providing public access to parking availability through DCA’s leading parking payment and guidance application, PayStay.

“We are absolutely thrilled to be awarded this wonderful opportunity. The City of Melbourne was a pioneer in the development of digitising parking enforcement technology, which we were lucky enough to play a role in. Their forward-thinking and their eagerness to achieve a more compliant parking model for the city has helped revolutionise the industry as we know it. We are looking forward to implementing the latest of our technologies throughout the city and playing our part in achieving the City of Melbourne’s objectives.”

said DCA’s Director for Civic Compliance, Sandy Del Papa.

Since the infringement-grade PinForce Sentinel sensors were originally installed in 2011, the technology has been entrusted to help manage compliance, parking availability and deliver significant productivity gains. The technology has repeatedly demonstrated greater than 99.95% infringement accuracy rate at time of issuance and 100% accuracy after further manual analysis.

No other vendor has achieved this, let alone had all of its contested infringements repeatedly proven in contested court hearings.

With the new deployment, Melbourne will receive an upgrade of the city’s 5,300 parking sensors, which will further increase the capabilities of the parking officer. Along with the sensors, new handheld smartphones will be issued to the parking officers throughout Melbourne which will increase efficiency and functionality.

Thanks to the efficiency of the technology that officers are now paired with, Melbourne’s parking compliance rates have increased dramatically.

More than 50% of drivers are complying with parking regulations, compared with the figure in 2011 when sensors were first introduced.

This represents a significant increase in compliance over the four-year period of which DCA technology has been employed to deliver this smart approach to parking management.

With population numbers on the rise every year, major cities are eager to ensure that their parking equity is maintained, through improved utilisation and turnover. Balancing compliance is a major factor in this optimisation, allowing greater parking turnover means everyone can equitably access this finite resource.

“The more we invest in our leading innovative products, the greater the capabilities are enriched as we aim to provide smarter technology to smarter cities. We are going through an exciting period with the development of our products and we excited by the opportunities to implement them into Melbourne and the rest of Australia.” Mr. Del Papa said.

January 2017

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