The City of Bunbury has completed an overhaul of their CBD parking operation, with a major change being the inclusion of PayStay for on-street parking.

Along with sweeping changes to the tariff amounts and sign plate durations, the city also expanded the use of PayStay, which was already installed for some of the off-street car parks. These works were the result of Bunbury’s highly interactive CBD Experience Survey, which aimed to continue efforts to revitalise the CBD.

By including PayStay as a payment option throughout the CBD, Bunbury have lessened the reliance on physical parking meters. It also allows motorists more opportunity to pay for parking and comply with CBD regulations, as they can pay for parking at the touch of a button, without needing physical cash.

With the inclusion of PayStay as a parking payment option, the city has also expanded the offering to their motorists to include the PayStay Parking Locator functionality. This feature gives motorists parking details throughout the CBD including location, max duration and associated costs.

There are a number of ways a motorist can utilise the Parking Locator functionality, including tapping the GPS icon on the home screen to bring up nearby zones, searching on the interactive map, and filtering the map to their requirements (e.g. 4hr parking, $ per hour, disabled parking/loading zones, etc.).

These screenshots are some examples of the application which can be now used in Bunbury, giving motorists the opportunity to search for parking that suits their needs, and pay at the touch of a button.

Further to the significant benefits to the community, by including PayStay into the CBD, Bunbury have enhanced their compliance operation, as compliance officers have direct integration to payment status’ through their PinForce enforcement technology. Officers now have real-time searching capability on vehicle payment status’.

October 2017

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