DCA is thrilled to announce a major contract award with one of Australia’s most iconic local government organisations, the City of Yarra. The Victorian council, adjacent to the City of Melbourne, selected DCA to roll out the latest in parking technologies through a formal tender process.

The City of Yarra, despite being only 19.5 square kilometres in size, is one of the most dynamic municipalities in Australia and is home to thriving metropolises such as Richmond, Collingwood and Fitzroy.

DCA will deploy the latest in parking technology throughout the City, including 4,000 infringement grade parking sensors, 30 handheld enforcement devices and DCA’s own mobile parking payment solution PayStay, all hosted within DCA’s secure cloud hosting environment.

“The City of Yarra was in need of a whole solution to their parking enforcement and we are delighted that they have selected us to implement what we do best,” said DCA’s Director for Civic Compliance, Sandy Del Papa.

“Our integrated solution of parking enforcement has been tried, tested and is the leading provider in the industry. With our experience in the civic compliance industry and our constant desire to innovate, we are looking forward to a long and successful relationship with the City of Yarra.”

With the mobile parking application PayStay already in operation in the neighbouring City of Melbourne, utilising this service will simplify the process and create a better user experience when parking in Melbourne and its outer surrounds.

“We were aware of the inconvenience between parking on one side of the MCG and using PayStay and having to use another service on the other side,” Mr Del Papa said.

“There will be much less confusion and much more adaptability to the application now that greater Melbourne will be using PayStay. Having recently surpassed 185,000 registrations last month, the growth of PayStay will continue to soar with this uptake. Further, there is now no question that PayStay will overtake parking meter payments, the evidence is simply overwhelming that motorists prefer the convenience of smartphone app technology.”

“Our aim is to provide not only the best in parking technology in the business-to-business spectrum, but also to the business-to-consumer field as well. Our solutions close that gap by offering an elegantly simple integration between both parking payments and parking compliance.”

October 2016

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