Parking is like real estate, difficult to find and often more costly than expected. Thanks to PayStay’s latest feature, finding this prime real estate just became much easier.

The main feature of the latest PayStay update, released in February, is the real-time Parking Locator that displays current parking availability to PayStay users on their mobile phones.  The update also includes improvements to the layout and a more seamless registration process.

Drivers can waste hours each week searching for the right parking spot, whether it is time restrictions, location or price. Studies have revealed that 30% of major city traffic is caused by vehicles searching for parking spaces.

Thanks to PayStay this is about to change. Now, users can open their PayStay app and search for parking spaces that suit their need before they even start their car. Once they decide on a spot, PayStay can direct users to the location via the mobile’s mapping system (Google Maps or Apple Maps).

Using the information fed through the internet by PinForce Sentinel, DCA’s market leading sensor technology, PayStay can tell users what parking is available within a street in real-time. And the best thing is, it takes just seconds to do.

February 2016

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