New enhancements for Sydney Trains PinForce Android app

The initial rollout of the technology across the Sydney Trains network was a resounding success. And it continues to get even better…

All 165 transport officers across Sydney’s train, bus and ferry network have been using Android smartphones equipped with PinForce v5 as their compliance devices since June, with the rollout, implementation and technology judged to be a resounding success. Mark Edmonds, Project Manager at Sydney Trains, had this to say about the process.

“This was one of the first times that Sydney Trains had tendered for a solution provided completely as a service. DCA have not just provided a product, they’re also hosting all the support services, providing technical support, all the enhancements and upgrades, the infringement mailing – absolutely everything. To have had DCA as our partners and to have had virtually no problems is a tremendous win, and a tremendous boost to Sydney Trains’ confidence.”

Until the introduction of PinForce, transport officers on Sydney Trains were handwriting penalty notices. This required four pieces of equipment – an Opal card-reading device, a two-piece GRN radio and a mobile phone – as well as an infringement book and journal. Recent enhancements to the Android handhelds and PinForce technology allowed all this kit to be replaced by a PinForce-equipped smartphone. DCA’s new modules, released in September, allow workforce logging and resource management, while the Opal card-reader application is also due for release shortly.

Christina Boot, Transport Officer with Sydney Trains, was impressed with the performance of the device even without the enhancements.

“Since using the PinForce app I no longer need to carry an infringement book and other paperwork, which was bulky and needed to be carried in a bag. The PinForce app is on my phone and can be carried in a pocket or on the belt holder.”

Training staff with the new system was also straightforward. According to Edmonds, “Even our most technologically challenged staff didn’t have any major challenges with PinForce. DCA were there to take feedback and make changes on the spot, in real-time, which was huge in terms of encouraging our staff.”

Ease of use has also been a boon for transport officers, as Boot outlines.

“Issuing an infringement is much quicker now. There is also greater accuracy in the infringements because there is auto-populating throughout the various screens.”

She highlighted the ability to add images to an infringement and the device’s text-prediction capabilities as two very useful features, as well as appreciating the efficiencies introduced by outsourcing the mail-out of tickets to DCA.

“I don’t need to finish the infringement with the customer present because it is posted out later. I can get the customer’s details, let them know what to expect, and then let them continue their journey. I can finish the infringement and submit after the customer has walked away.”

However, according to Boot, the benefits of the new system are not just about improvements to efficiency, workflow, and health and safety.

“I feel more professional using an electronic device for issuing infringements. Not only is it more professional, it also shows that Sydney Trains is moving with the times.” Sandy Del Papa, DCA’s Director of Civil Compliance, said, “I am pleased but not surprised that the management at Sydney Trains are happy with the outcome. DCA has a large, skilled team of professionals with deep knowledge of infringement technologies, and we have had enquires from across the globe about this technology. We expect a lot more happy customers in the future.”

November 2014

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