PayStay on its way across the City of Melbourne

Following a successful deployment in North Carlton, DCA’s pay-by-phone parking solution is being rolled out across the City of Melbourne.

For the past two weeks, PayStay has been installed in 1,200 parking bays across Carlton, in the area bounded by Victoria Street to the south, Swanston Street to the west, Cemetery Road East and Princes Street to the north and Nicholson Street to the east. Motorists in this area have enjoyed the freedom of coinless parking, with easy-to-follow instructions on the area’s parking signs and meters making the introduction of PayStay technology straightforward.

The roll out across the City of Melbourne will give motorists across the city the opportunity to use PayStay’s easy, convenient, coin-free service. The technology will be deployed in stages, with a total of 12,000 PayStay bays across the city upon completion.

Pay-by-phone parking technology is expected to be widely accepted by the public, with many forward-thinking councils interested in PayStay technology. It is easy to use and install, seamlessly integrated with the industry-leading PinForce suite, and allows councils to save on infrastructure maintenance and services.

July 2014

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