PayStay registrations reach 150,000

Australia’s leading mobile parking application PayStay has hit another incredible milestone, exceeding 150,000 registrations. This 50% increase in take-up rate took only six months to achieve, having reached the 100,000 mark in February 2016.

With live sites all over Australia, including major cities such as the City of Melbourne and Gold Coast City Council, PayStay continues to lead the way in the mobile parking payment space.

PayStay was released in July 2014, with Database Consultants Australia – the makers of the market leading software PinForce – including the consumer application as part of its suite of integrated parking technologies.

“The take-up has well exceeded our expectations,” said DCA’s Business Unit Manager for PayStay , Shane Treacy.

“The exponential growth all over the country has been impressive, and we are starting to see more of a significant push for mobile payment options. The numbers just prove to us that PayStay is a trustworthy avenue to pay for parking in a more efficient and more enjoyable way.”

“The City of Yarra have selected PayStay to be their alternative to cash for parking payments throughout their municipality, which is a great show of confidence in our app,”
Mr Treacy said.

“We are thrilled that drivers in the area will no longer have to use different pay-by-phone apps and can cut down on the confusion when parking their car.”

The application itself is consistently exceeding the demands of the end user, with a new feature added at the beginning of 2016 to include a parking locator feature. This feature allows users to search for parking before they even leave home to make an educated decision on where to park.

The locator feature, which is currently active on the Gold Coast, gives drivers real-time information on the availability of parking spaces, meaning it can determine where a driver is more likely to find vacant spaces.

This feature is also frequently used  to assist motorists in finding specialised parking, whether it is loading zones, disabled bays, all-day parking or free parking. It is available for on and off street parking, and can be used independently of real-time availability should the local council choose that option.

“This app is the first of its kind to be developed, supported and maintained by an Australian company, with the majority of other vendors in the market still being owned and operated overseas. We take pride in the fact that we are an Australian operated system – our developers work on upgrades right here in Melbourne, our call centre is in Melbourne and our whole system is designed to suit the Australian marketplace.”

August 2016

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