PinForce ParkNet live in the City of Gold Coast

The parking industry has been changed forever with DCA’s latest innovation  – PinForce ParkNet – in full operation.

ParkNet, a powerful real-time parking space monitoring tool, is live in the City of Gold Coast – giving council modernistic insights into parking behaviour that is unlike any other on Australian soil. The Gold Coast selected the technology to ensure their parking network was seamless and simple ahead of the 2018 Commonwealth Games which will be hosted by the City.

Using DCA’s award-winning, infringement grade sensor technology, namely PinForce Sentinel, ParkNet helps clients optimise their parking strategy using real time information that appears through an online portal. The sensors, installed beneath the surface of the road, speak wirelessly to strategically placed ‘relays’ throughout the council  which feeds into a live stream that can be monitored by council staff.

The innovation has been in DCA’s development roadmap for some time, with the team working tirelessly to ensure the module is both accurate and reliable. After a short implementation period, the system is now ‘up in lights’.

Parking information can now be shown and utilised in real-time, allowing councils to  monitor the occupancy of each specific bay. This tool also identifies when a vehicle has overstayed the permitted time for parking in the bay – this is shown by a change of colour icon on the live map.

The colour change also occurs once a vehicle has been issued with an infringement or if there are other changes to the status of a parking bay.

“This technology brings parking monitoring and parking management well into the future, giving our customers remarkable real-time insight into the utilisation of their parking network,” said DCA Chief Operations Officer Greg Tsigounis.

“Customers are able to monitor a live stream of parking activity and also generate reports from this information, which is remarkable to see in person. We are really pleased with the success of this tool and we believe it can change the landscape of parking management immensely.”

ParkNet operates as a web-based service, meaning there is very little physical equipment required in its implementation. The relays are installed into council owned signage areas and are discreet enough to not be noticed in everyday activity (see photo below). These relays speak directly to ‘access points’ which can be placed within council buildings to then feed straight on to the internet stream.

This latest innovation release arrives on the back of DCA’s award-winning, integrated suite of products, namely the PinForce range. This range enables DCA clients to better manage their local laws compliance including parking, health and much more.

PinForce has rapidly risen to become the market leader in enforcement technology, being the overwhelmingly desired choice when it comes to local government and private organisations.

Ease of use, constant development and upgrades as well as superior customer service are the main reasons for DCA’s constant growth and the glowing endorsements received from current clients. ParkNet is certainly a tool that brings parking management into the world of smart digital solutions that are now a required part of operating a modern city.

January 2016

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