PinForce successfully deployed across Sydney Trains network

DCA’s PinForce technology supports the new EPIN electronic penalty infringement system in use across the Sydney Trains network. Each of the 150 Transport Officers across the city’s trains, ferries and buses is now using Samsung Android handhelds equipped with PinForce v5, the latest version of DCA’s suite of compliance solutions.

The move from the old handwritten process to industry-leading technology is a game changer for Sydney Trains. Among its many benefits, it saves time and money for administration staff, officers and organisations.

PinForce v5 has been designed to run on Android handheld devices – ideal as they have big screens, great battery life and memory, and are very user-friendly. This version of PinForce also has real-time capability, with data from officers in the field able to be sent back to head office instantaneously.

Fare evaders will no longer receive hand written penalty notification, instead the evader’s address will be validated against the Australian Postal Address database using PinForce in real-time, with automated mailout of infringements the next-day.

There are many other benefits to this new technology, for both Transport Officers and Transport for NSW. The PinForce v5 Android handhelds allow logging of events. Information from the system will be used to build a cautions’ database containing a history of repeat offenders.

June 2014

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