Payment & Back Office Services

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Payment & Back Office Services

Get the help you need to suit your organisation’s needs

DCA can assist councils of any size replace or supplement administrative resources and processes associated with parking and infringement management. Our highly trained and specialised in-house personnel provide clients with solutions for outsourcing administration, customer correspondence, accounting, payment transactions and other essential services in non-customer-facing roles.

Utilising our services provides organisations with the flexibility to up or down-scale resources to suit changing situations such as maintaining customer contact operations over holiday periods or adding resources to meet to peak demand periods.

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Our Services

DCA provides a complete range of highly scalable business services for all your payment and back office needs such as
  • Call centre services,
  • Customer correspondence from imaging, actioning and archiving,
  • Collections,
  • Capture and secure storage of all customer interactions
  • Daily payment reconciliation,
  • Database ‘lookups’ to multiple sources,
  • End-to-end paper document management services,
  • Nominations and correspondence processing,
  • PCI DSS compliant payment processing,
  • Permits processing,
  • Mail house services.


Smart City Mobility Solutions

DCA supports infringement management with

  • Back office mailroom processing, printing and distribution services
  • Financial transactions and all payment channels (phone, online, Australia Post and cheque/money order),
  • Court prosecution services,
  • Client reporting services, and account management.

Our experience is your advantage

DCA has been achieving high levels of quality and service in back office and payment services for our clients through:

  • Fully documented processes and procedures in our comprehensive knowledge management tool allows all staff to quickly access guidelines and act appropriately,
  • Our excellent record of staff retention and low absenteeism allows staff to build detailed process knowledge,
  • Our close and thorough working relationships with our clients ensures we understand their needs throughout the entire process from scope definition to implementation.


Long exposure of city streets at night