Digitalising parking management – how councils can take another step in delivering connected cities

As the digitalisation wave impacts all customer experiences, centralised parking management can help bring community connection into the new century

“There are some services that are legacy pain points across the country, with coin parking meters and receiving hefty fines due to an outdated parking management system being some of the most aggravating to the community,” says Shane Treacy, Business Unit Manager at DCA Cities.

However, it is encouraging to know that the sharing economy is not only relevant to cars, bicycles and accommodation, but has also trickled over into shared parking.

DCA Cities, a specialist within parking management since 2001, has continued to develop its technology to provide best-in-class solutions to more than 200 municipalities in Australia and New Zealand and is the proud developer of PayStay, Australia’s leading pay-by-mobile phone parking solution.

PayStay is designed to respond to the needs of the community by alleviating traditional parking pain points through the introduction of easy to use functions such as paying electronically for parking, paying for only what you use, finding available parking spots and the seamless integration with Apple CarPlay. PayStay is currently paving the way for easy parking management across cities Australia wide.

Most of us are familiar using an app to pre-book a bay in a car park. However, the PayStay app is a smart way to locate available on-street parking, alleviating a lot of the stress that is associated with arriving on time for a meeting or social commitment.

The PayStay app provides motorists with real-time information on availability, tariffs and restrictions of nearby destination parking. The guided app allows for start/stop payment, which means that you only pay for what you use. Additionally, motorists can also use the PayStay app to digitally pay for and manage residential ePermits.

Why councils should consider embracing PayStay

PayStay can be connected to real-time Sentinel parking sensors. The data and insights that arise from this connection makes a real impact on parking, transit and the community’s carbon footprint. PayStay also integrates seamlessly with a range of smart city technology and compliance technology aimed at providing fair and equitable parking for the community. Other benefits to councils include:

  • Continual development to future proof PayStay technology;
  • Targeted information that allows councils to quickly identify high-risk areas and manage violations;
  • Established proven solution with a larger user base;
  • Helps in rationalisation of meters, reduces cost and improves streetscape;
  • Seamless integration with digital permits, and parking sensors
  • Developed, supported and hosted in Australia;
  • PCI-DSS accredited with all data staying in Australia.

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