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Automated Solutions for Every Industry

Do you have a platform that keeps your data clean?
Do you have the skills to identify dirty data?
Can you trust the data in all your systems?

DataICA provides the connected platform, the expert skills, and the high-quality data you need to execute key functions across marketing, sales, and operations. Cost effective and hassle-free, DataICA ensures your organisation is supported by trustworthy data.

What’s the real cost of dirty data?

Click below to find out how much poor data quality could be costing your organisation.

Duplicate Records

Compromised Address Fields

Incorrect Phone Numbers

Invalid Email Addresses

Automated data cleansing mitigates the risk of dirty data without time-consuming manual intervention. Download the fact sheet to find out more.


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Fundraising Specialists

The DCA team have worked with fundraisers for over 20 years, and our team understands the unique challenges faced by industry professionals. Our automated data cleansing is scalable to suit fundraisers of all sizes, ensuring the data you use is accurate, clean, and trustworthy when you need it. DCA are also proud to be a Fundraising Institute of Australia (FIA) National Sponsor and an adherent to the FIA Code of Conduct. 

DataICA is a fundraising-first solution, designed and managed by Australia’s premier fundraising data partner.

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Business Experts

With over 20 years’ experience across government, retail, professional services, manufacturing, technology, transportation, and more, the DCA team are experts at delivering scalable data solutions in every industry. We work with data from any system, transforming it into a trustworthy resource your organisation can use to drive higher ROI and reduce costs.

From ensuring contact details are correct for more effective marketing campaigns to automated deduplication for sales pipeline efficiency, DataICA does all the heavy lifting for you.