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Parking sensors can lower greenhouse gas emissions

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To the public, parking sensors are most commonly associated with their role in data collection and in supporting parking officers. But their use in smart cities projects for wayfinding can materially reduce the greenhouse gas emissions associated with parking behaviour.

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Can COVID recovery deliver clean, equitable and Smarter Cities?

Smart Cities

For over a century, humans have come to associate more cars, more machines and more industry in motion as a signal of economic progress. In the past decade, the increase of Mobility as a service (MaaS) has played a huge role in driving both economic and social progression

A brief history of contactless parking payments

Smart Cities

A lot of us are fans of contactless payment systems now. In fact, the RBA reports that in 2019 around half of all in-person payments were made by ‘tapping’ a debit or credit card on a card terminal, part of an ongoing trend towards what some commentators predict will be a completely cashless society.