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ResearchMaster offers the most comprehensive research management data solution on the market.



DCA are leaders and continuous innovators at the forefront of Smart City Mobility Solutions.

Data Services

Data Services

DCA are pioneers in the area of Data Services.

Data Services

Database Consultants Australia

Database Consultants Australia or DCA are data specialists and information technology experts who specialise in providing data solutions by analysing, collecting, storing and creating electronic data.

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DCA Smart Mobility

In the midst of rapid urbanisation municipalities are under pressure to develop highly sustainable, liveable cities. Cites aren’t just looking to embrace the latest technology, rather a holistic strategy; investing and partnering to deliver digital solutions that change human behaviour and improve how we use our cities. Our approach to smart mobility makes parking easier, more efficient, more equitable and delivers more real-time data to the community and Council.

Database Consultants Australia, Shaping the cities of tomorrow today

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The benefits of home grown smart city technology

Local government leaders have an increasing amount of choice when it comes to smart city technology. Some of the best technology has been developed in Australia and presents many advantages to its foreign counterparts. So what are the benefits of home grown smart city tech? Why is the choice of technology provider so important? And what do cities stand to gain by putting local technology on their smart city agenda?

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Data Services

5 Simple Steps for Higher Quality Data

Picture this: You’re making vital choices that impact a significant project, and need to use data to better inform those choices. Unfortunately, you’ve got legacy systems galore, your database is being fed by multiple sources, all of them have different rules, and you’ve got no time or budget to embark on a serious data journey…

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Handheld LPR

Keep your City moving with the latest development from the DCA Cities Division. PinForce Handheld Licence Plate Recognition, or LPR, further enhances field officer efficiencies. Our latest technology enables officers to scan for vehicle registration numbers and automatically check the following (without further officer intervention) using their mobile device :

  • Parking meter payments
  • ePermits
  • Pay by Phone (PayStay) payments
  • Previous infringements and warnings.

Find Smarter Data Faster

DCA specialises in quality data targeting Australia and New Zealand. We understand the importance of data quality, which is why we invest in our own in-house team of researchers.

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