The Salesforce World Tour 2024…and that’s a wrap!

The DCA team recently packed ourselves off to Sydney for the Salesforce World Tour. The energy at the event was off the charts and its scale was massive: it was the biggest World Tour yet, taking up five floors of the Sydney ICC and attracting ten thousand attendees.

Our favourite part (it’s our favourite part of every event, if we’re honest) was catching up with our awesome partners and clients, and being able to forge new connections. The Salesforce partner kick-off was a great way to engage with our role as part of the partner ecosystem and cement our relationships with other organisations.

A key highlight of the World Tour was the sponsored lunch where our partner Alphasys and our client Cancer Council Victoria joined forces to present an amazing case study detailing their change management journey to unify their data silos and leverage the power of the Salesforce Non-Profit Cloud.

On a more specific and technical level, we were also privileged to get into the nitty gritty of new releases relating to Einstein and AI. We’re particularly excited about the potential unlocked via the application of AI. It can significantly reduce manual data entry into Salesforce, which will boost data quality right from the source—which frees up valuable time for internal stakeholders and promotes better engagement from customers.

There were other important takeaways, like the inclusion of Salesforce Data Cloud with some editions of Salesforce. Paired with a strong data foundation and a clear data strategy, this will give more users the power to unify, segment, market and sell more to customers. It will also help them create trustworthy insights from multiple systems and silos.

As always, this Salesforce event was thought-provoking, engaging and energising. If you too find yourself asking new data questions in the wake of the World Tour and assessing where AI and Data Cloud could take you, feel free to reach out to us here.

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