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Partnering with DCA

Some of the largest and most successful corporations in Australia choose to make DCA their data partner. The DCA team includes data engineers who can support the success of your solutions, and whose expertise can be relied upon for vendor-independent advice on the most appropriate solution for your needs.

We partner with world-class technology vendors and implementation partners to promote a wider range of uses cases for data, including applications like:

  • Data migration
  • Data quality management
  • Data governance
  • Business intelligence
  • Machine learning and predictive analytics
  • Data enhancement

What DCA does

DCA works with end-users, vendors and implementation partners in order to:

  • Reduce the risk of new technology implementations by safely migrating all data from legacy systems into the new systems via tested, low-risk methodology
  • Enhance the quality of the data in the new system by removing duplicate records, cleansing contact records and washing data against high quality reference datasets
  • Achieve a single view of the customer by integrating multiple data sources into a cloud data warehouse and unifying records in existing systems
  • Safeguard any new technology investment by improving data quality and applying it to support informed decisions regarding customers, partners and supplier
  • Enable machine learning and advanced business intelligence through compatibility with best of breed technologies to engage, retain, and grow
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Partnership with DCA offers:

– A dedicated account manager to identify opportunities and establish diverse relationships in the markets you serve

– MarketBase+ is our B2B insights platform, which enables our partners to identify joint opportunities

– Attractive referral fees for new opportunities presented to DCA


It’s easier in the cloud.

Snowflake is an up-and-coming favourite data warehousing solution which has been built with the modern cloud in mind. This versatile platform is well-loved because it’s rich in useful features like its performance-enhancing automatic query optimisation, but it marries them with the scalability to match your business needs and provider-agnostic support for all of the major cloud providers.

Snowflake’s unique and flexible architecture eliminates silos, mobilises your business data and keeps you connected: anywhere, at any time, and at any scale.

As a proud Snowflake partner, DCA helps our clients move their work to the cloud and implement seamless workflows so they can get the most out of their data, whether that be for customer support, marketing automation, data analytics, AI, machine learning, insights or powerful business intelligence.

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The experienced, trusted CRM veteran.

Businesses use Salesforce to store, track, transform and manage customer information holistically. It helps avert silos and creates a well-organised and central repository of vital information about customer relationships, which can be leveraged to support your sales, marketing, forecasting and business intelligence.

DCA is a proud Salesforce partner. We provide project implementations and integrations for Salesforce, and we have the specific expertise and a wealth of experience and training to help our clients get the most out of their new CRM system from the very outset.


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