Data Migration

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Move data to new marketing tools with confidence

Data Migration

Every business faces the choice to upgrade, add to or transform the marketing tools they use to manage and optimise leads. With options and variations becoming more complex, the need to migrate data to new systems with expertise and skill is critical. In fact, moving data from one or more sources to a new application is one of the riskiest projects an organisation can undertake; fraught with hazards like lost data, incompatible systems, blown-out costs and timelines, security breaches, and extensive downtime.

The right expertise

DCA Data Migration has the expertise you need to ensure your data migration goes to plan. Whether you’re upgrading from legacy systems, moving CRMs or ERPs, are merging with another business, implementing a new application, or making the move to the cloud, the DCA team are the data partners you need.

Technology Agnostic

Our Services

Our technology-agnostic approach means we’ll migrate data from any system to the right system with professionalism and precision. The services we offer includes:

  • An assessment of your current marketing needs and future requirements,
  • A customised approach to your data migration needs,
  • Challenges identified and solutions offered,
  • Overall project management and planning including data preparation and cutover scheduling,
  • Purpose built algorithms development,
  • Porting of existing assets, program renovation, website and CRM integrations and global campaign configurations,
  • Extract, transform, load (ETL) capabilities,
  • Support and managed services for your team.
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Continuous Improvement

After we have successfully migrated your data, DCA can further safeguard your investment in new marketing tools by continuously refining data quality. Our expert team can ensure your marketing efforts are as efficient as possible by ensuring you have access to the most robust data at all times.

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Benefits of DCA expert data migration includes:
  • Clear visibility of transition between your legacy and new solutions,
  • High quality data for optimised leads, better lead routing, scoring and segmentation,
  • Continuous delivery of accurate data post migration,
  • Projects delivered on time,
  • Costs and risk lowered.
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