Market Planning & Assessment

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Market Assessment & Planning

B2B marketing requires precise planning across all marketing areas including lead generation, campaign planning, content generation and digital acquisition. To enhance results and drive your business forward, DCA provides B2B business and research data services.

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Our Service

Our services includes:

  • Competitor market assessment,
  • Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) development,
  • ICP acquisition insights,
  • Sales and marketing spend assessment and insights.
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Manage customer and prospect data for better results

Data Intelligence

DCA is a long-standing trusted data partner to help organisations manage their most valuable asset, their customer and prospect data. 

DCA Data Intelligence experts help you cut through complex and cluttered markets, heightened customer experience demands, data and analytics, marketing technology, personalisation and sales and marketing alignment needs.

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Data Intelligence Services

DCA Data Intelligence services include:

  • Identification of addressable markets for your organisation,
  • Analysis of industry sectors to identify which are performing best,
  • Validation, cleanse and enrichment of account & prospect data,
  • Identification and filling of gaps in your CRM data,
  • Classification of your customers and prospects into personas and industry segments,
  • Measurement of marketing efforts and ROI through quality data and insights.

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