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Targeted Communication

Conference & Events

A successful event promotion strategy is vital to your conference or corporate event success. However increased competition, limited budgets and constrained resources have caused the most successful event creators and organisers to rethink their marketing strategy.

 DCA can help your to understand a prospect’s area of responsibility / authority within the target organisation, which means you can personalise your communication and engage with the decision maker.

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Our Expertise

Our client WOBI is a global event company and they recently needed our help. DCA was able to help them by using our expertise to:

  • Identify market penetration and market opportunity in defined segments
  • Increase the number of leads across digital and direct mail campaigns
  • Align marketing content to personas within the IncNet database
  • Boost sales conversion across digital and direct mail campaigns
  • Improve and uplift the overall data quality of prospect and customer information


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WOBI client credits DCA with the following achievements:

  • – Identified ‘greenfield’ opportunities in the market to reach new audiences
  • – Removed the cost associated with developing cold leads
  • – Increased speed to market communication
  • – Boosted sales in direct mail campaign by 5x
  • – Increased qualified inbound leads by 3x

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DCA can help your business to access high quality, segmented, targeted data to help fuel your marketing campaigns both through email, social media and mail. 
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