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Predictive Influencer Modelling Index

A well-developed alumni engagement strategy, supported by a comprehensive database, helps nurture your relationships with past students. It assists with answering the questions:

  • Do you have their current contact details?
  • At what stage are they in their career lifecycle?
  • In what industry and field of expertise do they specialise?
  • What company do they work for?
  • Do they work overseas?
  • How well connected are they?

Streamline your processes, improve your data quality, and lift ROI across alumni engagement programs like events, volunteering, mentorship, and philanthropy.

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Deliver on alumni engagement and philanthropic goals.

DCA’s Predictive Influencer Modelling Index is designed to make your advancement team more effective. We add comprehensive data so you can segment your database to accurately target your alumni demographics and closely tailor your content to their interests and values to lift your engagement.

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