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Database Consultants Australia

Database Consultants Australia, or DCA, are a large team of data specialists and information technology experts who use the power of data to help organisations deliver a smarter, stronger future. Our reputation, built over 25 years, is for excellence in providing data services, enterprise smart mobility, higher education research management, cities and parking services, and hosting and data assurance services. Together with our clients, we are delivering business critical systems and transforming the way people live, work, grow and learn through our core areas of expertise:

  • Smart Mobility delivers clever living solutions for smart cities,
  • End-to-end data services enables strong decisions and a bright future for businesses, government and communities,
  • Higher Education research management manages the entire research lifecycle and also paints an accurate picture of an organisation’s research strength.
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Our business has three core product and service divisions

  • Cities
  • Data Services
  • ResearchMaster

These divisions deliver innovative IT and data solutions to clients in the following industry sectors: Banking & Finance, Retail, Direct Marketing, Automotive, Local Government, State Government, Not for Profit, Higher Education and Publishing.

DCA is proudly Australian owned and headquartered in Melbourne, with 400 staff members based across six offices in Victoria, New South Wales, Asia and USA. Our team members are proud to help our clients transform the way they operate and add value to the community.

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