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Our Services

Database Consultants Australia or DCA are data specialists and information technology experts who specialise in providing data solutions by analysing, collecting, storing and creating electronic data.

We are expert in complex data visualisation, Internet of Things (IoT) software innovations, database development and data management.

DCA also delivers expert and specialist services in data quality and enrichment, data migration, data driven marketing, civic compliance and parking technology, cloud hosting, and research management.

Data Services

DCA are pioneers in the area of Data Services. Our team of IT and data experts combine data from multiple sources then clean, move, analyse your data and, using specialised analytics and data visualisation tools, deliver deep insights into your current business performance.

These insights identify blockages to performance and, conversely, opportunities for improvement. Data Services clients use this data for a myriad purposes:  from the ability to form a single view of their customers for efficient and effective marketing decisions, to understanding where their revenue is coming from, or to identify where costs are being incurred.


In order to mitigate risk and understand the potential of any action, we also produce a set of predictive scenarios to show what might happen if  a) your business remains the same when the market or consumer behaviour changes, or b) the likely impact of your business following a particular direction.

These scenarios and the powerful data visualisation tools we use enable our clients to make decisions that affect commercial, marketing, business, education and community outcomes. DCA clients can make the best decisions for a strong future backed by the power of data.


Higher Education Institutions need reliable data insights in order to apply for research funding and to report with precision on their achievements.

ResearchMaster (a DCA company), assists Higher Education Institutions to collect, manage, collate, file, organise, clean and analyse multiple data sources that arise from the full range of research activity information, including:

  • Research Projects
  • Ethics Applications
  • Postgraduate Research
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