Real-Time Contact Validation Tool

Trust your data, wherever it’s come from.

Real Time Contact Data Validation Tool — Data Quality (DQ) Accelerator

When it comes to verifying contact information, DCA is a trusted name. Australian businesses have come to us to provide bulk data verification and validation services for decades.

Introducing the DQ Accelerator

It’s a tool that can integrate seamlessly into your webform, CRM, e-commerce, logistics or finance system to provide email, phone and address capture and validation in real time. This creates a smoother, faster and more accurate method of capturing the contact details of your customers, partners and suppliers.

How do you use the DQ Accelerator?

This lightweight validation tool sits within a system, such as a webform or CRM. When a record is entered, it verifies that record in real time, so the information is accurate from the moment it enters your database.

How does it work?

What are the use cases?

The use cases are endless, but here are a few:

  • Verify delivery addresses at check-out for your e-commerce system and ensure you can deliver purchased goods
  • Make sure the data entering your CRM system corresponds to real email addresses and phone numbers, safeguarding your system
  • Check whether user-input emails are attached to real inboxes and protect your sender reputation
  • Find out if phone numbers are connected to the Australian telephone network before you call

Discover the benefits

  • Reduce keystrokes and time required from your customers
  • Reduce human error by verifying information as your customers enter it, saving your business time and money
  • Improve quality of contact information to lift ROI on your marketing and communications
  • Protect your technology investments by ensuring clean, accurate data
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