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Loyalty, Data-Driven Marketing

Email marketing in 2020 is not just sending emails

I suspect we all felt that first rush of COVID-19 related emails in our inboxes.
Every company we had ever interacted with (and some we probably did not even remember), all raced to assure us that they were responding to the pandemic appropriately.

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Customer behaviour and national regulations are changing rapidly. Your marketing automations must keep pace.

Data-Driven Marketing

Automation is a powerful and flexible tool for marketers. Most companies currently use some form of marketing automation in their digital marketing campaigns. But its not a “set and forget” system.

Data Visualisation – Are you making the most of your data?

Data Solutions, Business Data

Fast, effective decision making relies heavily on your ability to understand and analyse your data. With nearly three decades’ experience, DCA can expertly assist your organisation to develop a business intelligence solution designed to maximise your growth.

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Driving an exceptional customer experience; Technology and a 360 degree customer view

Data-Driven Marketing

It’s been some time now since I returned from Salesforce’s 17th Dreamforce conference. That time has given me the opportunity to reflect on my experiences there, and how they fit into the broader context of the work I do day-to-day in my role as Isuzu Australia’s Customer Care Manager.

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Consumers show businesses how to use voice search

Business Data, Data-Driven Marketing

We’ve all been there: hands deep in marinade and we remember that we have to make a dinner reservation for tomorrow night or else there will be trouble with a capital T. These days, Australian consumers are increasingly comfortable saying “OK Google”, or “Hey Alexa” or “Siri” in order to find the restaurant, make the call and avoid Trouble.

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Marketing versus Sales. Who claims glory at the end of the quarter?

Business Data, Data-Driven Marketing

It’s an age-old discussion that businesses around Australia grapple with daily: when revenue figures are up, is it the marketing team who generates the leads or the sales team who converted the leads who should claim the return on investment?