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DCA and Dataro Discuss: Your Roadmap to AI

“What do you need, and if you don’t have what you need, how can you get there?” Artificial intelligence is driving change across all aspects of our lives, it’s been all the buzz long before the emergence of GPT. Though, the idea of using ‘AI’-driven tools in our jobs as fundraisers still sounds a bit…

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Director IDs Required by November 30th

NFP Solutions, PCI & Privacy Act Compliance

When we interact with other people and organisations in the world, we reveal information about ourselves. This could be our names, what we look like, where we’re from, or other, more specific information. This is our personally identifiable information. The idea of privacy concerns all aspects of the collection, storage, dissemination and use of that information.

What is data privacy?

NFP Solutions, PCI & Privacy Act Compliance

When we interact with other people and organisations in the world, we reveal information about ourselves. This could be our names, what we look like, where we’re from, or other, more specific information. This is our personally identifiable information. The idea of privacy concerns all aspects of the collection, storage, dissemination and use of that information.

The Anatomy of a Data Migration

Data Solutions, Data-Driven Marketing

Data migration means moving data permanently from one storage system to a different one. There are varied reasons for undertaking a data migration, from the obsolescence of older systems to novel marketing tools offered by a newer one that empowers a marketing strategy.

Why do organisations need data verification?

Data Solutions, Data-Driven Marketing

Data verification is the process of checking data against an additional, authoritative data set to make sure the information is accurate. Often, data verification is used to check the accuracy of data before it informs any decisions or anything is spent acting on it.

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What’s augmented intelligence?

Data Technology, Data Solutions

Augmented intelligence is an AI perspective that centres humans and focuses on the enhancing and assistive role that technology can play. In short, rather than replacing humans in workplace environments, augmented intelligence is AI that makes us better at what we do.

Automation for small businesses

Business Data, Data-Driven Marketing

For small businesses, automation may have a lot to offer, but it can also appear frustratingly complex and inaccessible. Perhaps there seems to be a lot to learn, and many convoluted systems to put in place or services to purchase before anything can really be achieved.


Targeting a new demographic is fraught with potential pitfalls—but it’s easier with data in the driver’s seat

NFP Solutions, Data Solutions

A recent news article over at the ABC caught our eye. It details how Volunteering WA employed a marketing agency to “kickstart the sector’s makeover” and successfully attract new blood from a younger generation

Data breaches and leaks

Data Solutions, PCI & Privacy Act Compliance

We store personal data for diverse purposes: health services store patient information, retailers store past purchases and buyer preferences, charitable organisations store information about past donations. In some cases, organisations are required to hold onto this information for tax or other compliance purposes. Data Migration Best Practices

NFP Solutions, News

DCA recently partnered with to bring you the Data Migration Best Practices Webinar. In it, Hanzel Nillo, Head of Customer Engagement and Partnerships for Data Services, got together with the Salesforce Customer Success Team to talk through every step of a data migration project.

Christmas Tree

What is donor data cleansing and why is it key to Christmas appeal success?

NFP Solutions, Data Solutions

This year, when many non-profit organisations are reeling from the tangled social and financial effects of the pandemic and being forced to do more with less, the key to Christmas appeal success will be reducing waste and improving return on investment

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The review of the Privacy Act 1988 could bring us closer to a solution to Australia’s byzantine privacy regulations

Business Data, PCI & Privacy Act Compliance

The Review of the Privacy Act 1988 is the Australian Government’s response to the recommendations made following the ACCC’s Digital Platforms Inquiry. The Inquiry’s final report was published in July 2019 and told us what we, by and large, already suspected

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The path to data-driven customer loyalty is long but very rewarding

Loyalty, Data-Driven Marketing

In a world where businesses need to compete for every consumer dollar in uncertain times, driving customer loyalty is critical. The lifeblood in your business is the marketing data that flows from many sources and has the power to drive revenue, increase loyalty and drive customer satisfaction.

Data Visualisation – Are you making the most of your data?

Data Solutions, Business Data

Fast, effective decision making relies heavily on your ability to understand and analyse your data. With nearly three decades’ experience, DCA can expertly assist your organisation to develop a business intelligence solution designed to maximise your growth.

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Driving an exceptional customer experience; Technology and a 360 degree customer view

Data-Driven Marketing

It’s been some time now since I returned from Salesforce’s 17th Dreamforce conference. That time has given me the opportunity to reflect on my experiences there, and how they fit into the broader context of the work I do day-to-day in my role as Isuzu Australia’s Customer Care Manager.

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Consumers show businesses how to use voice search

Business Data, Data-Driven Marketing

We’ve all been there: hands deep in marinade and we remember that we have to make a dinner reservation for tomorrow night or else there will be trouble with a capital T. These days, Australian consumers are increasingly comfortable saying “OK Google”, or “Hey Alexa” or “Siri” in order to find the restaurant, make the call and avoid Trouble.

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Marketing versus Sales. Who claims glory at the end of the quarter?

Business Data, Data-Driven Marketing

It’s an age-old discussion that businesses around Australia grapple with daily: when revenue figures are up, is it the marketing team who generates the leads or the sales team who converted the leads who should claim the return on investment?

Superannuation data

Deceased Customers and Fragmented Systems Expose Organisations to Risk

Data Technology

Years on from the Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry and its “fee for no service” scandal, banks are still at risk of charging deceased people’s accounts fees for products they’re not using. ASIC was still taking banks to federal court about this issue just last year. It seems…

Cybersecurity and Risk in the Banking Sector

Data Technology

Australia’s financial system needs strong data governance to buttress against cybersecurity threats It has escaped nobody’s notice that banking—for businesses as well as individuals—is increasingly digital. Commentators have been quick to point out that most transactions have been digital long time. The use of cash was declining in Australia, even before the pandemic arrived and…

Risky Business? Assessing Risk in the Australian Construction Sector

Business Data

The construction industry is a fraught place to operate right now and researching your business relationships has never been so critical. Historically, the industry has been subject to price volatility and supply chain problems, but recent stressors have stretched it to its limits. Global responses to the COVID-19 pandemic caused delays in production, skilled labour…

Streamline Your Account-Based Marketing Strategy Research.

Data-Driven Marketing

Why Research is Critical to Your Account-Based Marketing Strategy What is account-based marketing? A traditional lead generation funnel runs from the broadest part of the funnel—brand awareness—to the narrowest—converted customers. This is a strategy that diffuses your company’s resources across a broad array of potential customers, and it might use tactics like direct or electronic…

ANZSIC vs Keywords for Procurement in FY23/24

Business Data

Are you exposing your supply chain to risk and missed opportunities by not investigating alternatives to ANZSIC? The ANZSIC is by nature and intention the most general tool for business and economic statistics. Businesses that engage in a wide range of activities will nevertheless be described only by their predominant activity. For procurement professionals, a…

Getting Ahead of Macroeconomic Impacts

Data Solutions

Macroeconomic conditions impact your investments—so due diligence is more important than ever In the present moment in Australia, headline inflation is just coming down from a height that’s not been seen since the 1990s. Unsurprisingly, the blunt instrument of monetary policy has been whipped out and employed in hopes of taming it, so the cash…