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Rationalising Your Technology Stack 101

Data Technology

If there exists a business problem, you can be pretty sure someone has created a technology solution to fix it. We know that sales teams alone use an average of 10 different tools to close deals, and most of those professionals feel overwhelmed. Large organisations in particular often find themselves juggling a confusing melange of…

Australian banking sector must leverage data for success.

Data Technology

Australia’s banking and finance sector has seen some turbulence in the last several years. Although it might outwardly appear that shifts in the competition landscape are disparate and unrelated, they do all have one thing in common: organisations looking to get ahead are going to need excellent data strategies. Royal Commission and reporting The 2019…

Can we still trust our SME lending predictions?

Data Technology

With inflation at a thirty-year high, past behaviour is no longer a sufficient predictor of borrower serviceability. Our current macroeconomic climate of higher interest and inflation isn’t strictly novel. But it is something we haven’t seen in Australia for many years. The Reserve Bank of Australia indicates that inflation this year has attained a thirty…

Superannuation data

Deceased Customers and Fragmented Systems Expose Organisations to Risk

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Years on from the Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry and its “fee for no service” scandal, banks are still at risk of charging deceased people’s accounts fees for products they’re not using. ASIC was still taking banks to federal court about this issue just last year. It seems…

Cybersecurity and Risk in the Banking Sector

Data Technology

Australia’s financial system needs strong data governance to buttress against cybersecurity threats It has escaped nobody’s notice that banking—for businesses as well as individuals—is increasingly digital. Commentators have been quick to point out that most transactions have been digital long time. The use of cash was declining in Australia, even before the pandemic arrived and…

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What’s augmented intelligence?

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Augmented intelligence is an AI perspective that centres humans and focuses on the enhancing and assistive role that technology can play. In short, rather than replacing humans in workplace environments, augmented intelligence is AI that makes us better at what we do.