Children’s Cancer Institute Harness the Power of Relationships for Fundraising Success

DCA extends its congratulations to the corporate partnerships team at Children’s Cancer Institute on their tremendous fundraising success in 2022.

Children’s Cancer Institute is a non-profit organisation that aims to eliminate childhood cancer. In service of that goal, they’ve become the only medical research organisation in Australia that is entirely dedicated to curing childhood cancer. They’re internationally recognised for their contributions, and they employ over 300 research and support staff.

Each year, Children’s Cancer Institute runs the CEO Dare to Cure campaign, an initiative that asks business leaders across the country to join in and accept a dare, face their fears, and simultaneously raise money to combat childhood cancer.  As we close out the year, Children’s Cancer Institute reports that their team has been able to expand the CEO Dare to Cure campaign significantly, with over 220 business leaders participating in the event this year. DCA are proud that donations driven by our data grew by 21% from 2021 to 2022, showcasing how an ongoing relationship facilitates outcome optimisation and even greater fundraising success.

Children’s Cancer Institute has worked with DCA since 2020, when we first teamed up on the campaign to help them smash their $1 million dollar donations goal. Our partnership has gone from strength to strength since, and we’re delighted to have helped them create a number of new partnerships with business leaders since.

This year Children’s Cancer Institute has raised a total of $1.7 million for their very worthy cause.

We at DCA are so proud to have helped them achieve their 2022 goals and we look forward to what 2023 might bring!




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