Driven to Success: ISUZU Australia beat their all-time sales record.

The DCA Team extends our congratulations to ISUZU Australia, who have recently bested their all-time truck sales record. Their previous sales record stood at 10,175 units, and was surpassed as early as October in 2022.

ISUZU has been Australia’s leading truck manufacturer for over 30 consecutive years. They’re also long-term partners of DCA, relying on our industry-leading services to manage their complex data and technology ecosystem while also providing ongoing enrichment of their data. Our services deliver market insights and analytics, which give them an improved understanding of their network, services, customer satisfaction, highest-value opportunities and industry trends.

ISUZU Australia’s Head of Marketing and Customer Experience, John Walker, attributes this success to both favourable conditions and their loyal customers.

“Our partnership with DCA gives us an understanding of our customers that’s second to none. We can give them a world-leading customer experience, and that’s part of what keeps our sales high and our customers returning time and again.”

You can learn more about our work with ISUZU when you read the case study.

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