Data-Driven Marketing

Streamline Your Account-Based Marketing Strategy Research.

Data-Driven Marketing

Why Research is Critical to Your Account-Based Marketing Strategy What is account-based marketing? A traditional lead generation funnel runs from the broadest part of the funnel—brand awareness—to the narrowest—converted customers. This is a strategy that diffuses your company’s resources across a broad array of potential customers, and it might use tactics like direct or electronic…

The Anatomy of a Data Migration

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Data migration means moving data permanently from one storage system to a different one. There are varied reasons for undertaking a data migration, from the obsolescence of older systems to novel marketing tools offered by a newer one that empowers a marketing strategy.

Why do organisations need data verification?

Data Solutions, Data-Driven Marketing

Data verification is the process of checking data against an additional, authoritative data set to make sure the information is accurate. Often, data verification is used to check the accuracy of data before it informs any decisions or anything is spent acting on it.

Automation for small businesses

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For small businesses, automation may have a lot to offer, but it can also appear frustratingly complex and inaccessible. Perhaps there seems to be a lot to learn, and many convoluted systems to put in place or services to purchase before anything can really be achieved.

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The path to data-driven customer loyalty is long but very rewarding

Loyalty, Data-Driven Marketing

In a world where businesses need to compete for every consumer dollar in uncertain times, driving customer loyalty is critical. The lifeblood in your business is the marketing data that flows from many sources and has the power to drive revenue, increase loyalty and drive customer satisfaction.