Data-Driven Marketing

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Marketing versus Sales. Who claims glory at the end of the quarter?

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It’s an age-old discussion that businesses around Australia grapple with daily: when revenue figures are up, is it the marketing team who generates the leads or the sales team who converted the leads who should claim the return on investment?

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Achieving unique and personalised customer experiences through data and technology disruption

Data-Driven Marketing

DCA recently co-hosted an Executive Luncheon with AADL during the ADMA Global Forum Event in Sydney with Senior Marketing Leaders. In an open forum format presented by Clare Smith (Director, Digital and Customer Marketing) from Roadshow Films, we delved deep into the factors required to succeed in delivering unique and personalised customer experiences through optimal use of data and technology.

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8 ways DCA can enhance your data-driven marketing

Data-Driven Marketing

Whether you use us a little bit or a lot, you’ll see your data reach new heights. One piece of advice we are confident telling our clients is that data-driven marketing is here to stay and that a well thought-out investment in it will be worthwhile.

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Retail priorities are mobility, social staffing and a 360 view of the customer

Data-Driven Marketing

The mindset of retailers needs to shift from B2C to Me-2-B says Salesforce EVP Shelley Bransten, Head of Retail/Consumer Products. And she says, finally, the age old problem of delivering a 360 degree view of the customer remains more of an aspiration than a reality for many retailers.