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Risky Business? Assessing Risk in the Australian Construction Sector

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The construction industry is a fraught place to operate right now and researching your business relationships has never been so critical. Historically, the industry has been subject to price volatility and supply chain problems, but recent stressors have stretched it to its limits. Global responses to the COVID-19 pandemic caused delays in production, skilled labour…

ANZSIC vs Keywords for Procurement in FY23/24

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Are you exposing your supply chain to risk and missed opportunities by not investigating alternatives to ANZSIC? The ANZSIC is by nature and intention the most general tool for business and economic statistics. Businesses that engage in a wide range of activities will nevertheless be described only by their predominant activity. For procurement professionals, a…

Automation for small businesses

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For small businesses, automation may have a lot to offer, but it can also appear frustratingly complex and inaccessible. Perhaps there seems to be a lot to learn, and many convoluted systems to put in place or services to purchase before anything can really be achieved.