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How loyalty programs deliver data wins across your business


Data won’t just influence your loyalty program. It can change the way you do business. Generally when an organisation starts to consider a loyalty program they head straight to exploring program design, how they will award points and, of course the fun part of the equation — the rewards!

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Welcome your loyalty members the right way


First impressions count. So when you start contacting new loyalty program members, you want to make sure you get off on the right foot. It’s worth putting some time and thought into what we call a “welcome series”. That is, the first lot of emails – or perhaps some SMSs ­– that you send to…

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7 ways a loyalty program can get you closer to your customers


Find out where your customers have been, and where they want to go next. So, you’ve got a fantastic product or service. People like it and they buy it. But you want to boost your bottom line and get new customers on board. And you want your existing customers to spend more. But can you…