Leveraging Loyalty Data to Lift Customer Experience


Positive vibes only: reduce your reliance on complex tools and leverage your loyalty data to lift your customer experience Over the past few years we’ve seen a move to really prioritise customer experience. In 2021, customer service leaders reported that the expectations of customers were at an all-time high and that, mostly, they didn’t have…

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The path to data-driven customer loyalty is long but very rewarding

Loyalty, Data-Driven Marketing

In a world where businesses need to compete for every consumer dollar in uncertain times, driving customer loyalty is critical. The lifeblood in your business is the marketing data that flows from many sources and has the power to drive revenue, increase loyalty and drive customer satisfaction.

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How loyalty programs deliver data wins across your business


Data won’t just influence your loyalty program. It can change the way you do business. Generally when an organisation starts to consider a loyalty program they head straight to exploring program design, how they will award points and, of course the fun part of the equation — the rewards!

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Welcome your loyalty members the right way


First impressions count. So when you start contacting new loyalty program members, you want to make sure you get off on the right foot. It’s worth putting some time and thought into what we call a “welcome series”. That is, the first lot of emails – or perhaps some SMSs ­– that you send to…