Finvett: Identify Risk & Seize Opportunity

An in-depth, all-in-one corporate research tool for commercial strategy and exposure management.

Finvett is a white-labelled webapp perfect for
  • Venture capital / private equity firms undertaking research for investment or acquisition
  • Business development managers offering critical products to specialised businesses
  • Procurement and supply chain managers assessing and addressing risk in the supply chain
  • Payable and receivables professionals investigating credit risk concerns and being proactive with debt reminders

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Your research partner

With APIs connecting you directly to government and accredited credit check agencies, Finvett’s corporate research tool supplies all the trustworthy, up-to-date information you need to identify opportunities in the market and get ahead of financial risks.

The best part? It’s all in one secure, easy to use webapp – time to close all those open tabs!

  • – View your total addressable market
  • – Filter on industry, revenue, location, and more
  • – Generate lists of similar companies
  • – Get a daily news feed on all companies
  • – Access company credit scores
  • – View credit reports on loans, defaults, judgements, and more
  • – Identify insolvencies dating back to 2016
  • – Reveal key contact emails and phone numbers
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Insights from the Finvett Team

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