DCA looks forward to supporting Brisbane and Queensland in preparation for the 2032 Olympics

The International Olympic Committee has named Brisbane and greater Queensland the host city for the 2032 Olympic Games. This is a decision that will see the eyes of the whole world turn to Brisbane and surrounding regions, creating a rare and valuable opportunity to showcase the city at its finest.

Brisbane City Council has been leading the way with smart city strategies aimed at delivering a more liveable and sustainable city, a trend set to continue without flagging. The city will be home to 18 of the 32 anticipated venues required for the games, many of which will be updated—like the Gabba, set to be expanded to seat up to 50,000—and several of which will be newly built for the occasion.

Infrastructure development, already a priority for Brisbane, will find itself under a spotlight over the next eleven years in anticipation of hosting the biggest sporting event in the world.

Database Consultants Australia (DCA) currently services Brisbane City Council with our fully digitised ePermits system and our industry-leading Infringement Management as a Service (IMaaS) compliance management technology. As we celebrate the continued growth of Brisbane city and greater Queensland, our Brisbane CBD office is growing, too, with more roles available for new Cities team members.

At DCA Cities, our technology offerings will continue to grow, keeping pace with the needs of our valued customers to keep Brisbane moving in preparation for the games.

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