Cloud Services

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Cloud Services

Make cities agile with DCA Cloud Services

DCA offers a range of system Cloud services from our Melbourne and Sydney-based data centres.  Our ‘one-stop-shop’ Cloud services means that application designers, programmers, installation, administration and support staff of your mission-critical City systems are all under one highly capable roof.

DCA Cloud services features include
  • All data is stored securely in Australia and managed in house without the need for a 3rd party provider,
  • Cloud services are hosted in our own data centre, which are compliant with the AS/NZS 17799 Code of Practice for Information Security Management, with a geo-diverse back-up site,
  • DCA are PCI-DSS (Payment Card Institute Data Security Standard) compliant,
  • Our remote monitoring services track system response times and provides automated alterations if applicable.
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DCA Cloud Services


DCA Cloud services benefits include
  • As your business needs change, we have the flexibility to accommodate additional users or performance requirements,
  • With size and scale, a higher degree of flexibility can be obtained than can normally be achieved,
  • All services and updates managed in local time zones offering reliability, speed, security and scalability.
  • DCA maintains a utilisation ratio capped at 66% to ensure we always have spare capacity ‘on tap’ to offer clients,
  • Our standard configurations provide separate web and database servers. Each configuration can be optimised to its needs, and our in-depth knowledge of application behaviour allows us to propose specific configurations to obtain the best value and performance for your individual requirements.
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