Digital Permits

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Make cities paperless with DCA ePermits

Digital Permits

DCA ePermits technology replaces the need for paper based permits for parking and other city services. Our innovative solution provides greater flexibility, increases parking access equity and allows our clients to meet the demands of rapid urbanisation.

Our fully automated, highly customisable solution has been developed to meet the real-world needs of councils, universities and transport authorities where the complexity and rules based issuing of permits and bay reservations has become increasingly challenging and costly to administer.


DCA ePermits features includes
  • Integration with your website, PayStay digital payment and way-finding applications, and DCA City Analytics,
  • Permit details are accessible via API to PinForce preventing infringements from being incorrectly issued to valid permit holder,
  • A community self-service portal,
  • Management of any parking permit type: Residential & ACROD, parking, special events, visitors, bus parking and more,
  • Ability to fully automate eligibility criteria and approval,
  • Option to be operated by internal staff or outsource the full permit operation,
  • Detailed accurate analytics on permits issued.
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DCA ePermits benefits includes
  • Enhanced client decision-making in relation to permit strategies via access to real time reporting and data on-demand,
  • Significantly reduces administration burden and reduce the delays in permit application processing,
  • Cost savings from a reduction in the use of physical resources such as paper, consumables and logistics,
  • Optimised processing from automation and workflow practices,
  • Better decision-making by officers in the field through access to real-time ePermit data.

Better for the Community

DCA ePermits offers the community
  • Greater protection against permit misuse, making parking more equitable for genuine permit holders,
  • Options for no tech, low tech and high tech customers ensure no member of the community is disadvantaged,
  • Improved certainty for customers through real-time status updates via the self-service portal on permit application progress,
  • Greater flexibility for end-users to apply, renew and manage their permits via several channels.
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