New Australian Privacy Laws – Is your data ready?

New Australian privacy legislation came into effect on 12 March 2014, governing the way in which businesses collect, store and use data.

Is your data ready?

ADMA CEO Jodie Sangster recently voiced concern that smaller Australian businesses lack a full understanding of the significance of these new laws and their implications on marketers’ use of customer data.

Sangster’s key recommendations for getting on top of the changes to privacy law include:

  • Do a Data Audit
  • Get your customer-facing information in order first
  • Train your staff
  • Tackle the new compliance policies in marketing

For more information on assessing if your data is compliant for the new Privacy Laws, read ADMA‘s Australian Privacy Principles Obligations Checklist.

How DCA can help with compliance

DCA is a member of ADMA placing us at the forefront of the marketing and advertising industries in Australia and beyond.

As such, when ADMA recommend conducting a Data Audit as the first task in ADMA’s top 10 tips to be privacy-ready, DCA is very well positioned to help.

DCA specialises in Data Audits and in particular with respect to the Privacy Act reform. To make it easy for companies to start the process, we are providing free data profiles (an automated health check on data quality which is a systemised process). In comparison, Data Audits have a cost attached as they require the involvement and expertise of our data specialists.

Our expertise allows us to concentrate specifically on the following sections of the reform dealing with data quality and collection:

  • Part 2 – Collection of personal information, Australian Privacy Principle 3 – collection of solicited personal information
  • Part 4 – Integrity of personal information, Australian Privacy Principle 10 – quality of personal information

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