DCA, ANZ’s Integration Partner, plays a key role delivering the ANZ, Department of Defence Data Integration Project

SOA Delivery – Enabling Secure File Transfer from ANZ Back into the DRN

In early 2016, the ANZ Bank won the contract to provide Defence with credit card services for undertaking Defence procurement.  CFO Group engaged CIOG to implement a secure Business-to-Business arrangement with the ANZ Bank.

Defence currently self-hosts its expense management system, ProMaster.  The challenge was to enable card transaction files sent by the ANZ Bank to transfer securely into the Defence environment and be automatically loaded into ProMaster for processing. Previous arrangements of card transaction processing of this type within Defence was slow due to manual file uploads and the use of stand-alone machines.

An automated file transfer was required from the ANZ transactional system through the Defence Online Services Domain (DOSD) to the target system with the DRN. Several restrictions were imposed for the project due to security and industry standard requirements.

The solutions, developed by the Directorate of Service Oriented Architecture Delivery (SOAD) within CIOG, included the implementation of a new Web Service on the DOSD that enabled business interactions with the ANZ Bank. The DOSD was also uplifted to adhere to both the Payment Card Industry – Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS) and the Defence Information Security Manual (ISM).

SOAD worked with IBM, the CIOG Integration Industry partner, and Database Consultants Australia, the ANZ Bank Integration Partner to deliver the solution.  All vendors performed exceptionally well within the complex technical landscape and relative time constraints to achieve delivery of the solution on time and within budget.

The ANZ Secure File Transfer Project was the perfect example to demonstrate Defence’s ability to use standards based industry approach to integration; re-using pre-accredited integration structure (DOSD) and patterns (Secure Request-Reply) in order to deliver a secure solution in a timely and cost effective manner.

The implementation of the web service has allowed the ANZ system to initiate the file transfer directly to the application server inside Defence, where it is automatically loaded into the ProMaster system. This process no longer relies on manual file transfers by CFO staff. The security of the file is greatly enhanced through improved encryption and elimination of touch points in the transfer process.

May 2017

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