DCA assists property developer with Salesforce data cleanse and migration project

Another happy Salesforce client

DCA’s client had replaced its old CRM system and needed to migrate approximately 30,000 records to the new Salesforce system, with data first mapped to fit its customised system. DCA was initially approached for data cleansing only as another company was handling the migration, but ended up being given the whole job due to DCA’s excellent communication and project management skills.

DCA cleansed, de-duped and consolidated the records from the legacy CRM system, mapping more than 50 fields. DCA then provided a mapping document for the client’s upload, and helped make specific, necessary changes to its Salesforce screens. From when DCA was first approached to completion of the job took less than two months, with the client able to then use Salesforce to its full capabilities.

January 2015

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