DCA congratulates their client ABC Publishing on wins at HMAA Laurel Awards

ABC Publishing recently announced wins of HMAA Laurel Awards for their ABC Organic Gardener magazine in the following categories:

  • Publication the Year (Sept/Oct 2013 issue)
  • Website of the Year for organicgardener.com.au
  • Book of the Year for Jennifer Stackhouse’s Garden

DCA are contributors to this success as we are into the seventh year of providing Business Process Outsourcing services for the Organic Gardener Magazine.  As part of the provision of the full circle service for all subscription management needs from our Melbourne office, one of our key achievements has been the building of the Organic Gardener Website payment page allowing subscribers to buy subscriptions and merchandise online – a sought after service we are delivering to market with ease.  This payment page is linked to seamlessly from the Organic Gardener’s Subscriptions page.

April 2014

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