Customers, opportunities and leads: your database is an investment in the future

Strong customer and prospect databases are powerful sources for
marketing activities

Your database can either power your marketing activities or sabotage them. In the first instance, they give you the information necessary to ensure your messages reach the right people, as well as ensuring that the right quantity of leads are pulled into your sales funnel. In the second, inaccurate databases actually hinder your marketing efforts. However, databases don’t just build themselves. Concerted effort is needed to build an accurate marketing and customer relationship management system.

Buying a B2B list can give your company a head start with its marketing database, providing accurate, targeted information to suit your needs. Top-quality B2B lists provide tailored records containing everything from industry to job title, company size to contact details, and are selected to meet your parameters. To ensure accurate information, the quality of the marketing database is all-important. In the Australian and New Zealand market, IncNet( recently acquired by DCA) is regarded as the best business list and marketing data resource due to its data quality, accuracy, depth of information and customer focus.

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