Data-driven marketing is here to stay – Here’s how we can help

The facts on how DCA can help your data and marketing technologies reach new heights.

An increasingly digitised world means that there is more potential than ever for marketers to access data about their customers.

Yet the ability to leverage this data to achieve a Single Customer View (SCV) that allows one-to-one marketing at scale remains elusive for most companies.

In fact, research from the Salesforce 2016 State of Marketing Report explains high performing marketers are 13.7x more likely than underperformers to strongly agree they’ve integrated business systems to create a single view of the customer. Sixty-four percent of high performers also say they are excellent at creating a single view of the customer, versus only 4% of underperformers .

So, what’s going wrong?

In our Consulting engagements we regularly see two common barriers that prevent marketers from achieving a SCV and maximising available data. The first is poor quality data. And the second is an inability of customer data from multiple sources and databases to be unified and therefore flow seamlessly across a client’s Marketing Technology Stack.

The solution?  Our custom created Marketing Data Mart. This cloud-based system provides a foundation to breathe new life into every element of your marketing.

Here’s how.

Firstly, a bit about our Data Bureau

One of the fantastic features of our Marketing Data-Mart is the driving force behind many of DCA’s solutions — our full-service Data Bureau.

For 20 years we’ve been processing and preparing consumer and business data. Our Data Bureau processes more than 25 million direct marketing records each month for acquisition, retention or general direct marketing communications.

With a focus on quality data processing and data hygiene, we can ensure data is in the best possible condition to power your existing marketing and customer relationship management technology.

What our marketing Data-Mart can do for you

Put simply, our Marketing Data Mart, which is customised specifically for your business needs, enables you to reach an ideal marketing situation.

That is, being able to have one-to-one conversations with clients and prospects at the right time of the customer journey, with relevant content and at the right frequency.

We’ve picked out the top six ways our Marketing Data Mart helps marketers achieve this scenario.
1. Provides a Single Customer View (SCV)
For many marketers, achieving a SCV is the Holy Grail because of the vast opportunities it provides for personalised marketing at a larger scale and the flow-on positive impacts of this.

As mentioned earlier, when we work with new customers we find that the main barriers to achieving a SCV are data quality and an inability for data to flow back and forth between a client’s different marketing technologies.

The Marketing Data Mart breaks through these barriers by combining all data sources across your technology stack. These sources may include CRMs, email systems, eCommerce, websites, point of sale, ticketing, social and loyalty systems.
2. Powers customer loyalty
Loyalty programs are a great way to use data and to get closer to your customers. Our Marketing Data Mart complements loyalty programs in two main ways. Firstly, because the Marketing Data Mart helps generate a SCV, it offers huge potential to capitalise on existing loyalty programs or provides the building blocks to develop one.

Secondly, it can integrate communications and transactions related to loyalty programs into wider marketing technology.
3. Amplifies messages across multiple devices and channels
Once you’ve got your Single Customer View, you want to make sure you can talk to customers on whatever device, browser or operating platform they are using. What’s more, customers will expect you to have this capability.

And because our marketing Marketing Data Mart pulls in data from different technology stacks, it can also communicate messages across different channels. This applies to online channels (social, websites and SMS), as well as offline sources (call centres and direct mail) giving you better control and consistency of your messages and content.
4. Creates custom reports
Centralised and accurate data means that you can better measure, track and understand what your customers are doing, how they are doing it and when they are doing it.

Creating your own custom reports allow you to set up your system to report back exactly what you and the rest of your business needs.
You can also track campaigns and relevant data feeding back into the Marketing Data Mart, giving you a one-stop-shop for your reporting. From there you can aggregate, segment test and fine tune your marketing.
5. Enables robust data analytics
Marketers are under pressure to prove the effectiveness of their tactics and processes. Because the Marketing Data Mart allows you to flow data back into your business intelligence tools, you can maximise your current analytical platform and organise data to make sure it drives positive business outcomes.
6. Delivers ROI on technology
More than 40% of companies cite inconsistent data across technologies as the biggest obstacle to maximising return on investment on technology, according to The B2B Marketing Data Report 2016 from Dun & Bradstreet.

The Marketing Data Mart lets you capitalise on your technology investment by making sure all elements are used to their full individual potential, while also being integrated together. Regardless of your systems, DCA’s Data Bureau services can ensure the data flowing in and out of your technology stack is consistent and accurate.

With you every step of the way

We are the data experts and use our experience to help guide you through your data goals. From scoping out your data requirements to developing business rules, we ensure that the final consolidated data meets all organisational requirements and business objectives – even those that haven’t been considered yet.

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