Lifeline partner with DCA to deliver Donations Management technology

Lifeline partner with DCA to deliver their next generation of Donations Management technology and achieve a Single Customer View of their Supporter base

When Lifeline needed an Information Technology and Data Consulting team who could identify and deliver their next generation of Donations Management technology they turned to DCA. Having already developed a successful partnership over the years, DCA’s knowledge of Lifeline’s history and business practices was invaluable for business continuity.  However, it was DCA’s expertise in data management and an excellent reputation across the Non-Profit sector that made DCA a stand out for this complex job.

The main Data Consulting services and solutions provided by DCA to Lifeline were:

  • Full business process analysis and consultation – involving an extensive review of Lifeline’s legacy databases, business processes and documentation
  • Strategy – formulation of a phased approach for Lifeline Australia’s long term Digital Transformation and creation of a Data Roadmap Plan
  • Execution – Data Processing and Management including full project management and delivery of data services and solutions which included Data Cleanse, Deduplication, Consolidation, Mapping and Migration
  • Successful Go Live (on time and on budget) – involving full end-to-end data processing of Lifeline’s legacy Supporter 360 CRM records (approx. 2 million associated records across 20 data tables) into their new Salesforce CRM
  • Support and Governance – Data Maintenance and continued delivery of complex data solutions for Lifeline Australia
  • Ongoing PCI Compliance for Lifeline Donations Management Process – current phase and beyond

Lifeline now have a true Single Customer View of their supporters with cleansed, accurate and duplicate free data that Lifeline can trust.

Another benefit is more efficient and improved processes, e.g. with fundraising, donations, payment processing and mail fulfilment programs among others.

Lifeline are also the beneficiaries of significant costs savings in infrastructure due to the work DCA has done in purging Lifeline’s  redundant data and decommissioning of their old legacy systems.
“Lifeline needed to partner with an Information Technology and Data Consulting team to identify and deliver our next generation of donations management technology. DCA had the know-how with which to deliver an optimised outcome in terms of determining a successor solution to donations management.

“DCA had earned a strong trust and reputation for being true leaders in their bespoke data and professional services by the Lifeline team, and offered to help. Upon visiting their facilities and discussing the project’s need it was clear they understood how to apply best practice with their talented team to meet our requirements.”

John Staines, CIO Lifeline Australia

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August 2017

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